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P. 12 Building The Sport Of Steak Cookoffs!  The Awards  We have a fascination with awards shows like the Oscars, the Emmys and the numerous music ones but none compare to what we’ll witness October 3-6 in Ft. Worth, TX. From Thursday night’s In- ternational Team Welcome party to when the final award is given out Sunday night, it promises to be non-stop excitement. Thursday’s Interna- tional Team Welcome Party begins at 5p and scheduled to conclude at 10p but I have a feeling this may only be a suggestion. Friday night at 4p the cook teams and judges will walk the red car- pet, be served dinner at 6p then at 7p the teams are introduced, and the yearly awards are given out. Then we’ll party until the cows come home or midnight whichever comes first. Saturday will begin with 300 teams loading in at 8a as we prepare for the semi-finals knowing one will walk away Sunday as the SCA World Cham- pion. Cooks meeting and steak selections at 10p followed by the judges meeting at 2p. Turn ins will begin at 3 with Group A then 4:30 with Group B. At 6p will be the Champions Challenge followed by the introduction of the Final 63 who will be competing Sunday for the coveted title. After a tough day of com- peting, it just wouldn’t be a SCA event without the Afterparty be- ginning at 8. Sunday is the day we’ve all been working towards where the top 63 teams to become the 2019 SCA Champion. Again, load in at 8a followed by the Final 63 cooks meeting and steak selection at 9:30a with the Classic cooks meeting at 10a followed by the judges getting together at noon. The Final 63 turn in is at 1p then the Classic cooks turn in at 2p (Group A) and 3:15 (Group B). Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for, The Awards at 5p. There isn’t an af- terparty scheduled but I’m sure if you follow the person just named 2019 SCA Steak Cham- pion, you’ll find one. For more details on the sched- ule visit our website at Looking forward to seeing you in October. Event Spotlight The Murphysboro “Praise the Lard” BBQ Cook Off September 19-21 event is fast becoming as leg- endary as the founder of the 17th Street BBQ himself. Mike Mills and his team has, year after year, puts on an exceptional event as talked about as Memphis in May complete with the cov- eted apple trophies. One of the ways this event stands out from the rest is the involvement of not one but three sanctioning bodies. Friday night will be the SCA steak cookoff then Saturday will see both the MBN and KCBS overseeing the slow smoked BBQ. The cooks count the challenge well worth it for several reasons, but the winners, well they especially like it because of the hand-blown glass apple trophies. This is a must attend week- end event for any outdoor cook. Business Partner Spotlight If you follow this business partner on social media, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the #qualitymatters on each of Gunter Wilhelm’s posts. This is how this SCA partner ap- proaches their whole business model from their German steel knives to their cast aluminum pans to their partnerships. It’s the commitment to this model which has seen GW knives used during the White House Chef Tour, in the hands of actor Joe Mantegna and now in the hands of our SCA judges. Week after week Gunter Wilhelm recognizes the sacrifices our judges make and gives them a chance to walk away with one of these quality knives. ACE Hardware Points Chase With only four weeks remaining, it appears Matt Ouverson has a comfortable lead and heading toward becoming the 2019 Points Champion (but remember what your mama said about counting chickens). Second place on back, how- ever, is proving to be quite entertaining with the back and forth. Terry Roan, cur- rently in 2nd is being chased hard by the rest of the field with only 83 points sepa- rating Terry from 7th place Dan Judd and only 91 points from 10th place Troy Johnson. But don’t overlook Carrie, the only female in the top 10, as she contin- ues to make strides up the ACE Hardware Points Chase. You’re not going to want to miss the SCA World Championship event October 3-6 to see who walks the stage. - 12 SEPTEMBER 2019 Judge Ernie Owens with GW Knife 

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