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Volume 30 – Number 9 || CONTENTS || DEPARTMENTS FRONT PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of Janet Phelps National Barbecue News shares their recipe Grilled Lime Coconut Chicken With Avocado Salsa while enjoying some healthy barbecue. See page 6 for complete recipe.     BUSINESS 18 35 36 42  BBQ TOUR: National Barbecue News gives all the details on their upcom- ing 2020 national barbecue tour.  BBQ PRODUCTS: 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra has released their new steak rub and we share the details about it.  NBBQA: NBBQA highlight board mem- ber Barbara Latimer and her take on BBQ culture and also features info on being creative.   BARBECUE BOOKS: Resident book guru Doug Mosley shares his take on SMOKELORE, Weber’s Ul- timate Grilling and Tropical Cocktails.   12 14 STEAK COOKOFFS: Steak Cookoff Association shares a spotlight on one of their business partners, upcoming events and also points chase up- dates. BBQ VACATION: Dana “Big Papa” Hillis shares details about his annual BBQ vacation and the adventures he experienced along the way.   BACKYARD  4 Publisher Kell Phelps shares one of his biggest BBQ “hacks” and is curious to see yours. PUBLISHER’S PAGE:  5 NBN Cooking Crew looks into a different way to enjoy the barbe- cue lifestyle while improving your health while doing it. HEALTHY BBQ:  8 BBQ Hall of Famer Paul Kirk shares some of his favorite steak recipes complete with sauces and rubs. 11 28 33 BBQ IS NOW:  BARBECUE TREATS: Ray Sheehan from BBQ Buddha shares his take on Grilled Veg- etable Chili Rellenos.  BBQ BLUES: BBQ Hall of Famer Ardie Davis is looking to help you get over any case of the BBQ blues with his friend Jasper.  BBQ TAILGATING: How big of a tailgating fan are your? Our friends tell us what they are doing and how they do it.   COMPETITION 16 20 22 24 30  NORTHEAST BARBECUE SOCIETY: NEBS gives details from several different events and also looks into grill brand loyalty.  MINNESOTA BARBEQUE SOCIETY: MNBS gives preview their up- coming events with details and dates included.  FEARLESS BBQ: Vic Clevenger tells us about how and why we all should be fearless when we are around our pits and grills.  CALIFORNIA BARBECUE ASSOCIATION: CBBQA shares results and pho- tos from the 2019 Surf and Turf competition and also shares their ToY update.  MEMPHIS BBQ: Memphis In May releases their 2020 dates and their honored country for the upcoming event. Mark and Gretchen Noordsy share their experience with Mark becoming a KCBS Mas- ter Barbeque Judge.   SEPTEMBER 2019 - 3 39 BBQ FRIENDS: 

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