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healthy bbq Healthy Approach To BBQ B in   NBN Cooking Crew For years barbecue has gotten a big slap in the face from the medical profession as being bad for your health. This general rule has been shared millions of times by physi- cians, over the past 75+ years, who were trying to help their patients lower their weight, blood pressure, and improve their overall health. Fast forward to 2019, and we find the "Keto Diet" is the go-to diet for everyone without regard to age, sex, or overall health. This diet is simple in composi- tion as it limits the intake of carbohy- drates, which will eventually put the body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a state where your body starts using fat as fuel versus glucose. That's a very simple explanation of the process and users have proven that it is super effective in burning fat. Moderately using this tech- nique has also proven to be healthier than no organized diet at all. Barbecue can play a significant role in this diet as the fat intake is much higher than the carbohydrate consumption. The only time barbecued proteins can be- come ineffective in this process is when sugar or high carbohydrate count is pres- ent in the seasonings and sauces used. The key to keep this from becom- ing a situation is moderation. You will al- ways want to know how many carbs are in the products you're using. Myron Mixon is an excellent example of how effective this diet can be. Have you seen him lately? Back in April, we talked with him about how he's been able to lose almost 100 pounds over the past year by using this exact diet. He told us, "Getting started and the first few weeks is the hardest part but after that, it's just like cruise control by eating the right stuff and limiting the bad." He also convinced us to look deeper into the "warnings" associated with this type of diet versus the ben- efits. Over the past several months we have taste-tested several keto-friendly sauces and rubs. These flavor makers will un- doubtedly make this diet more manageable. Here are our top five favorite "keto-friendly" sauces and rubs. 1. SPG (rub) - Sucklebusters 2. Zero Sugar Carolina Barbeque Sauce (sauce) - Lillie's q 3. Texas Hold'um No Sugar BBQ Rub (rub) - Sucklebusters 4. Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Que Steak Sauce (sauce) - Willamson Bros. Bar-B- Que 5. Slim n' Sweet (sauce) - Rufus Teague Most preparations of beef will not change much for this diet. Salt, pepper, and garlic are all keto-friendly, and those are all must-haves when seasoning up anything beef for the grill or smoker. Many have also realized that leaving bread off their plate leaves more room for bigger steaks or hamburger patties. As we started looking closer at the nutri- tion labels on products, we were shocked at how many mass-produced products have a high carb/sugar content. If you do some research you will find a ton of great rubs and seasoning that have a lower carb count. Some rubs and sauces are also de- signed to accompany every other diet ever made as well. There are tons of real-deal barbecue folks who are still using BBQ in their diets but just changing it up to fit their routine. Some of these diets call for leaner meats with less fat content and less sodium intake as well. Regardless of your particular diet, we'll bet you can still fire up the grill or pit and still achieve your meal goals. Sucklebusters and several other companies are now making salt-free rubs for some of these specific diets. Two more BBQ personalities that continue to use barbecue as part of their daily routine are Brian Oliver and Todd     SEPTEMBER 2019 - 5 y 

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