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 Tailgating Time Has Arrived  September has arrived and along with the start of the most substantial tailgating season in America. Football season without a doubt attracts more fans to "homegate" or tail- gate than any other sport in the world. Our friends at did some research with 1,000 American consumers about their tailgating and game-day plans. Below is a quick summary of their results. How do your answers line up with these consumers? Fans prefer to watch football at home They found that most football viewers prefer to "homegate" — in other words, watch the game at home (or at a friend's) from the comfort of a couch. Of those planning to watch football, 61% of respondents say they prefer watching at home or a friend's house. 16% say they'll watch anywhere as long as the game is on and there's food while 12% say they'll go to the local bar or pub, and only 11% say they'll tailgate at the stadium. #1 Tailgating food is wings! Did this answer really surprise anyone? Probably not. Wings were voted as the favorite tailgating food by 25% of these consumers. Hamburgers finished a close second at 22%, and pizza was the third choice at 15%. The trusty hot dog ended up as the fourth favorite at 14%. Nachos got 13% of the vote with tacos getting 11% of the favorite choice. College tailgates win over NFL tailgates Football fans are almost equally divided in their preference to watch NFL or college games. 53% of those watching football prefer college games, while 47% prefer NFL games. Men are more likely to prefer to watch college games (59%), while women prefer to watch NFL games (52%). When it comes to tailgating, though, college tailgates are the clear winner: Of those who plan on tailgating, 70% say they prefer college tailgates, while 30% prefer NFL tail- gates. Before kick-off, beer is the MVP of a well-stocked cooler. Most fans surveyed, however, don't drink excessively on game day. 25% say they don't drink at all during tailgates. What is your favorite bar/tailgate drink? Beer – 53% Liquor – 15% Sweet Tea – 13% Wine/Wine Coolers – 11% Gatorade – 8% We would almost bet the farm that most of our readers would answer these questions much different compared to the average consumer. Below are questions about the food and grills /pits used on game days. Do you grill your own food when tailgating/watching a game? Yes, with a full-size grill – 44% Yes, with a portable grill – 20% Yes, with a Smart Grill – 6% No, I buy ready-to-eat food -30% Favorite tailgating games There are plenty of tailgating classic games to choose from, from beer-pong to cornhole to an old-fashioned game of catch. Cornhole is the by far the favorite, among those who say they play games at tailgating parties. 49% say it's their fa- vorite game. Beer- Pong (16%), frisbee/catch (11%), and flip cup (10%) all combined couldn't match the favorite. Ladder Toss and Washers came in with 7% of the favorite game of choice. For more information about this survey, in- cluding state-by- state tailgating data, visit   Do you prefer to tailgate at NFL games or college games? College 70% NFL 30%   SEPTEMBER 2019 - 33 

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