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   NBN Cooking Crew  bbq products Steak Done Right! One thing that any well-seasoned barbecue guy can tell you is that Texans are the beef kings of the BBQ world. Don't believe that statement? Ask around, and you'll find many successful brisket and beef cooks who came to Texas to learn that craft. After- ward, they carried that ed- ucation back home to their place of business or barbe- cue team. Steak has always been the staple of grillmasters. It has also done several bil- lion-dollars in the restau- rant arena as well. Being able to produce a delicious steak that will melt in your mouth is just something that will make hold your head a little higher. The reason why good steak cooks do this is because not everyone can produce this type of greatness. Lately, it seems as tho the Steak Cookoff Association has everyone firing up their grill for a shot to prove their steak is best. One thing is for sure you better have a little more than just salt for your secret ingredient if you want to win one of these events. Some competitors will have as many as a dozen steps in their cooking process to produce their best single bit possible for the judges. Luckily, we have come across something that we think could tighten the gap between these weekend professionals and the backyard heroes. 2 Gringo's Chupacabra has just re- leased their handcrafted steak seasoning that is by far the best all in one steak rub we have ever tried. This stuff is more than just a ton of salt with a hint of pep- per that seems to be a prevalent trend in the backyard. One look into the bottle and you can tell it's got more ingredi- ents than most "goto" steak rubs. The rub itself does host a salt kick but what sepa- rates it from the other salt- based steak rubs is the suttle savory hints that will tickle your tongue after the salt and pepper kick has gone. The savory part of this rub was a very welcome change on the rib eye steaks we started our tests with. Next, we even experi- mented with it on a pork steak and the results there were fantastic as well. Our last and final test came with a standard 80/20 Angus hamburger mix. This stuff helps the stan- dard hamburger transform into an all-out Steakburger. After we finished that test, we were sold and placed our standing order with the company. Since our tests have ended, we have been watching and we see where several steak teams are scoring very well in their competitions with it. You can bet we will have this in our cooking kit the next steak event we cook. You can order this automatic steak maker from their web- site at, or you can also find it on Amazon. SEPTEMBER 2019 - 35 

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