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  FIVE AREAS FOR CREATIVITY Here are a few ideas you can carry with you to keep your creative side moving throughout the year. There’s a huge debate going on right now which is very concerning about the future of America and possibly the world. No, it isn’t about global warming or blue and red states, it’s a bit more alarming than this. It’s about Hollywood and the lack of creativity they seem to have lately. Every time one turns on the TV or walks into a movie theater, we are bombarded with a remake of a classic movie which never seems to work out for the best. They re- made Psycho, which was a 昀op, True Grit which wasn’t as good as the original and then A Star is Born for the third time. Rumor has it they are even looking into remaking Smokey and the Bandit. Has the creativity left Hollywood? No more new and fresh ideas in the land of make-believe? However, if I’m going to be completely honest, I understand the struggle the creatives have in Hollywood. Life is grand when the ideas 昀ow like the Mississippi carrying a sternwheeler to New Orleans. But when those ideas seize up like Niagara Falls in the winter life isn’t as pleasant and you begin to consider a remake. One of the joys of being a part of the NBBQA is when this happens there are others you can rely on to help you get through and why the classes are so important to attend.    READ I’ve heard many people talk about how much they hate to read, perhaps you’re one. That is until it’s something you’re interested in (like this for instance) and you just can’t seem to put it down. I read everything from cookbooks to biographies to leadership books. I’ve been known to go to my local bookstore grab a co昀ee then 昀nd a book and start reading. But how does this help with my creativity? One thing it does is helps me disconnect from my work which we will discuss down the page. Secondly, it broadens my scope and perspective to realize there is more than BBQ which I’ll always try to apply to BBQ. Third, it will spark an idea which I’ll write down for future use. Read those worn-out magazines in the garage while your car is being serviced or in the dentist o昀ice while your daughter is having braces put on. Just read and watch the creativity grow. WRITE I have a buddy who recently competed in a major competition and showed me what he cooked. It wasn’t a photo but rather a drawing and directions of what he cooked. He sat down wrote it out, complete with a sketch of what he would turn in and 昀nished pretty well (fourth in the world). Remember what you just read about getting ideas while reading, have a notebook handy for those ideas or use the notes feature on your phone. I sleep with a notepad and pen next to my bed for those late- night inspirational moments when I’m awake enough to think of it but not enough to get out of bed to do something about it. Make writing your ideas down a habit every day. Perhaps even just begin your day with writing down in a journal whatever is popping in your brain then watch the creativity move. SEPTEMBER 2019 - 37 

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