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                 SNOWY MOUNTAINS Please create logo as per this one,White lettering,yellow X!
 Snowy Wilderness
   0km 50km
 1.The common wombat is just one of the locals to be encountered
2. Roll out a swag under a bush shelter
                                                     The tagalongs can satisfy every level of driving skill and range from two hours to two days.
Because Snowy Wilderness allow you to mix and match a variety of guided activities, everyone in the family can pick an activity, leaving you free to grind up some dirt. And grind you will. Some of the more moderate tracks lead up to alpine meadows strewn with massive granite boulders. Here you will find the
historic Rabbiter’s Hut, still standing after one hundred years. In fact, the charming cottage was built from these very rocks. Here too, you are likely to see a mob of wild brumbies rescued by the owners; some descended from Snowy Mountain brumbies.
There are gullies to explore and creeks to cross strewn with yet more rocks. On a hot day, you can park and wander upstream for a cooling swim by a waterfall.
Towards the eastern end of the property, things start to get interesting – very interesting. You will encounter the Roller Coaster Track – the name says it all. Even the most experienced driver will be white-knuckling it on the climb
up, up and up a flight of wide steps to the Tuppits, where there’s a panoramic view taking in Mount Perisher to the west and Mount Carlisle to the east. Then it’s down, down and further down to a valley. If you have arranged it, you can relax here and enjoy an overnight camp, complete with a catered gourmet dinner and breakfast beside the Snowy River or Gully Lake.
So, gather up your family or a mob of mates and get yourself to Snowy Wilderness. Whether you arrange a tagalong tour for one or for a parade of 4X4s, or just camp on the property and do the Barry Way, you really can’t go wrong. If you love it as much as we did, you’ll soon be back for more.
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            If the Man from Snowy River had had the sense to travel by 4X4, this is where he
would have gone

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