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Out of Orbit
By Elizabeth Currier
Your voice is like a melody that sings a song my soul yearns to hear
Your smile is like a drug I am intoxicated
Your eyes gleam like molten pools of gold
I am falling into their depths
Your lilting laugh is like poison that runs through my veins It ignites fire in its wake
Yet as you float further away
You will always remain in my orbit
Close enough to touch
But never to hold
To have but never to hold
By Ryan Compton
  By Lou Sechrist
The Break Away
By Kjehl Campbell Our Earth is our womb,
Us as a species,
all our idea and advancement,
Makes up the fetus of known space and time...
However, anyone can decipher that the departure of the womb or “birth” is an inevitable fate of
the fetus...
The walls close in,
Something is going wrong,
All comfort of this warm home is being stripped...
Our war and rape is this building discomfort,
it builds and builds,
And then birth into the new world comes...
Our species’ birth will be the break from all hierarchy, ide- ology, and Anarchy...
Division dissipates,
One unified people broken away from the cradle, Shooting for the stars...
It is no process that is designated to practice or medita- tion,
But rather a process that has always gone on...
From chemical reaction to body modification,
These events have continued in building to the end point of our three-dimensional reality,
Or our birth...
So, don’t worry,
It’s going to happen,
The question now of the individual is whether they’ll accept this inevitability...

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