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 By Evelyn Dachs
Unnamed Poem
By Keiran Boyle
And so we watch, A spectacle turned back upon us, Forcing We to look, to act, to move. To think more, write more, to pry above The floorboards of a nation. To hear the Cries for help through the opaque fog. But the cries piercing the murk sound like Change. The cries get clearer, they cheer, not a violent chant, a Vehement nonviolence, peeping over the promontory, The last bit of light, of hope, at Dusk.
Then suddenly it is dark. They tell us we shall Not try, continue to cry, forget about “all this.” They tell us to leave. To go back to our countries, our closets. They call us Sheep, snowflakes, slurs, words that taste bitter. They hurt. But we shall not retaliate, or Strike with violence, for peace hurts better Than war. We shall strive to grieve. Grieve death, suffering, cruelty, then We shall choose
By Ruby Foreman
Authors Note: This poem is written in the Golden Shovel form, and is based on Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The Shallows” In golden shovel poems, the last words of each line make an already composed poem.

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