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B US I N E S S & F I N A N C E
Accessories to Wear (or Not) in Headshots
By Lisa Christianson Photography
Women’s Jewelry and Accessories
If you have jewelry that has special meaning for you and you wear it every day, by all means bring it along. Just keep in mind that in the end, we want all of
the focus on your face not your clothes
and jewelry.
Big jewelry draws attention away from
you and can become distracting. If your
signature brand is big jewelry, however,
bring a few pieces along and we can take
a look at them together to pick a piece that compliments your style yet doesn’t distract.
Stud earrings are best with simple pearls, diamonds or other gemstones to match your out t.
Hoops and dangling earrings head into distracting territory.
Scarves are a beautiful way to compliment an out t but in a tight headshot, they are oppressive. I like to open up your neckline when posing and adding in a scarf closes you off to your audience.
Men’s Jewelry and Accessories
The concern with a chain necklace worn under a shirt is that most of the time it will peak through when changing position, it looks distracting, unintentional
Less is more. Keep jewelry to a minimum, unless it’s a part of your signature look!
and less professional.
Although a watch won’t show up in a
headshot, they are a great addition when photographing 3⁄4 or full body portraits. Keep the piece timeless with a style that compliments your brand.
If you normally wear glasses, plan to wear them for your picture. I say that if you wear glasses when meeting clients and employees then you should be wearing them in your headshot. It’s ideal if they have a non-glare coating, but if they don’t, consider borrowing a pair of glassless frames for your session; otherwise, we can remove the glass glare in post-production.
clean, modern professional headshots
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