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No Trash Day
For those wondering.... Most trash removal companies do not pick up on major holidays.
Please take note and put your cans out on the following business day.
This month:
Memorial Day ~ May 31
Colorado State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Colorado counties cooperating. CSU Extension programs are available to all without discrimination. No endorsement of products mentioned is intended nor is criticism implied of products not mentioned.
By Ellen Ryder, Colorado Master Gardener
In May the relief that
spring has truly sprung
 nally comes to pass
around Mother’s Day
if we are lucky enough
to avoid a surprise
snowstorm. Thus,
begins a  urry of landscape maintenance. First on the list is ensuring lawns and ornamental plants are well watered and fed. Check to make sure irrigation systems are still functioning as intended. It may be helpful to perform a self-audit of water output using consistent receptacles (plastic cups or tin cans, for example) placed in various locations within the system’s spread, or as an alternative within the lawn, consider using a soil probe to ensure watering is reaching the average depth to which the lawn is rooted within your yard (at least 6-8” for a healthy lawn). Watering needs of the lawn will change with the amount of clay or sand in the soil, so be sure to know what you have in your yard. Blooming plants like roses and annuals will extend their show if fed every couple of weeks during  owering. Feeding and appropriately watering plants to keep them healthy is the surest pest prevention (keep an eye out for attacks throughout spring and
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