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Castle Rock’s most recommended promotional products provider
93% of our business is repeat or word of mouth business!
7% comes from ads like this and our own self-promo onal events!
stablished in January 2005, BYG Promo ons focuses on providing branded promo onal products to small businesses. As a small business ourselves, with a limited marke ng budget, we understand the challenge of  nding budget-friendly products that deliver compelling, call-to-ac on type, messages! Promo onal products are the best way to market your product, service, or event if you want to lever- age the 5 Key Advantages for using this kind of marke ng/adver sing:
1. TARGETED. The product goes only where you want it.
2. LONG LASTING. The product con nues promo ng years a er it was originally distributed.
3. MEMORY HOOK. Create campaigns that directly correlate to your organiza on - the medium becomes the message.
4. GESTURE OF GOODWILL. 68% of all customers who quit doing business with companies do so because they feel unappreciated.
5. ENDORSEMENT ASPECT. When people see someone they respect using a product with your company’s name on it, it indicates a favorable rela onship with you.
So, when thinking of promo ng your organiza on, think BYG! The Holidays Are Quickly Approaching.
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