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Show Off Your Team of Employees
with Dynamic Headshots
By Lisa Christianson Photography
Sharp Headshots make a big impact to potential clients.Web designers will tell you that one of the keys to a great company website is consistent, high quality headshots of your team.Headshots that exemplify your brand,and provide an insight to your values,culture,and who you are,sends a powerful message to prospective customers, partners, and future employees.
There’s something to be said for a sharp looking team page on your website.The quality and style of your headshots convey a lot about your business and signals how you conduct business. Forbes has a great article conveying this message linked here.
When looking through websites or social pages,clients want to see someone they feel they can trust. It’s so important that the quality of your pictures matches high the quality of your content.While looking through leadership and employee pictures,customers want to visually connect with you and your team,leaving them with the feeling that you are professional enough to be trusted. Let’s give them the assurance they need to take that next step towards working with you!
What Having Professional Headshots Can Do for You...
- They get you noticed; and make a lasting impression - They convey your professionalism as a business
- They can be used throughout multiple platforms for
your business (ie. website, email, Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting pro le pictures, ID cards, etc.)
“Getting consistent headshots for the whole team makes you look that much more Professional, Dependable and Reliable.”
clean, modern professional headshots
November 2020 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”

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