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Available for Adoption! at Castle Rock’s Buddy Center
For information, visit dd .org (303) 751-5772
Sweet Dreams Are Made of
When you’re creamy white, sweet, (somewhat) unassuming, and your canine siblings are Blue and Gouda, there’s little choice for a new name other than Ricotta when you  nd your forever home. Let’s take a slice, errr ... step back ...
Originally a transfer pup from Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter (PAAS), our partner, in Oklahoma, Dillon was adopted and returned twice to the League. The  rst return was due to the patron feeling Dillon would do better in a home with a yard (she lived in a condo), and the second time courtesy of a move. Both of Dillon’s previous owners said he was sweet and loves people, walks and car rides.
Dillon was one of the Dumb Friends League Pittie Party guests, and he was known as the social butter y. This 4-year- old pit bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever mix didn’t want to miss out on a single pet or treat. Talk about a pup who loved attention from everyone. For Dillon, walks were quite the social event, and he quickly became a staff favorite!
As a teenager, Tara volunteered at the League and always had three or four dogs. Blue and Gouda are pit bull League alums, and Tara knewshe wanted to add another to her family. An adoption trifecta was in the making with unexpected COVID-19 home time, an abundance of love and patience to share and the Pittie Party.
Hope is a social and friendly 6-year-old cat. Currently, she is residing with a foster family that says she is a wonderful cat who is well-behaved and likes to join you on the couch.
Milo is a 13-year-old red tabby at the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center. He enjoys being around people and needs someone to constantly love him.
Chance is a 6-year-old Australian Cattle dog mix. This affectionate boy enjoys ear rubs, car rides and being brushed, and follows commands well and is stronger than he looks!
Quervo is a 3-year-old black cat who is waiting for a hangout buddy. She is a snuggly and playful cat that will need time to relax after she has been wound up.
Located at
Equine Center
in Franktown, open to the public Friday – Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (except for
(A0827624) major holidays).
Thunder is an 18-year-old gray quarter horse. He is currently being evaluated by the Harmony staff to determine his riding experience. Thunder is a handsome horse and has a riding weight limit of 222lbs with tack and rider.
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