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Castle Rock • Flip through the the the the pages by clicking on the the the the corners or or side arrows (you may turn turn “off” the the the the page page turning sound in in in in in Settings in in in in in the the the the toolbar above) • Hot linked items have a a a a a shaded box when when the the pages turn and when when you you hover over over them with your mouse Simply click • Search feature allows you to to type in Keywords and then go right to to the the desired page • Crop-and-share print or or email email items to to to others (select the the the the crop tool above and and drag across the the the the item item then Print or or “USE” to to to email email it!)
• Thumbnails allow you you to review all all of the the the the pages in the the the the newsletter click click below and scroll then click click the the the the page page you you want • Print just the the the page(s) you you need or the the the whole issue if you’d like to have the the the entire newsletter onhand Never Miss An Issue!
• Rich media is a a a a a a a a fun feature providing pop-ups and video which tell you more about that particular business • Share the the newsletters on social sites allowing your friends and family to read the the newsletter newsletter • Join Mailing List gets a a a a a copy of the newsletter emailed to you you each month so you’ll never miss an issue Double Tap to ZOOM
in/out Then pinch & spread to zoom even closer!
• Going Green means we are saving trees!
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