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P E E T L O V E E R S Available for Adoption! at Castle Rock’s Buddy Center
For information visit dd org (303) 751-5772 Take a a a a a Bite Out of
Meet Walker A A minor heart murmur does stop this
kitty from exploring! Walker enjoys nothing more than attention and may even chat with with you for a a a a a a a a a bit He has lived well with with other cats and is litterbox ready!
Smokey is is a a a a quiet cat waiting
patiently for for his
forever home Smokey loves stretching his
paws on his
scratching post and showing off his
beautiful coat He has been described as as sweet and amazing ROXAS
Meet Roxas! This cutie pie loves being around his
favorite humans Described by shelter volunteers as as as “very loving” Roxas can be be bashful at rst but will warm up in in a a a a a a a quiet home with no small children ZUKA
Zuka is is is a a a a a 3-year-old love bug that is is is ready for for his
forever home! This loveable boy can be shy around new people but his
amazing personality is is quick to come out once he’s warmed up!
Located at at Harmony Equine Center
in in Franktown
AMELIA (A0782824)
Meet Amelia! She She is is is is a a a a a a a a a very pretty buckskin lly and is is is is showing that she has a a a a a a a a a quiet friendly disposition She She She She is is is is currently halter broke in in in in in in our training program and and and learning quickly She She She picks up her feet well and and and shows a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lot of
try She She She has recently been started under saddle in in in in in in in our training program and and and and doing great Amelia is up to date on on her vaccinations farrier work and and deworming!
Dental Disease
Chompers pearly whites fangs No matter what you call them your pet’s teeth
an an important part of
their health and that’s no laughing matter For the 81
percent of
us us who don’t brush our pet’s teeth
or or think about their general oral care there’s no reason to neglect this
vital piece of
the healthcare routine Let’s look at the reasons why and see if we can decrease that percentage Just like with people dental disease can cause bad breath painful chewing and tooth discoloration and and loss in cats and and dogs When bacteria gets under the gum line it can lead to in in ammation and and bleeding and and can travel to different organs in in the body and cause even more harm What can pet owners do to help support their animal’s health? It’s easier than you think Owners can provide a a a a a well-balanced high quality food for their pet There are
certain prescription and non-prescription foods that target prevention and minimization of
dental disease such as as Hills® Prescription Diet® t/d® which helps to break away excess buildup on the teeth
There are
special dog and cat toothbrushes that are
available at many pet stores and veterinary of
ces as as as well as as as toothpaste formulated especially for for dogs and cats in tasty avors like beef or or poultry—well November 2018 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”
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