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Veterinarian Supervised
A ordable Safe Preventative Care
Pricing starts at $195
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P E E T L OV E E R S What you you Can Can & Can Can NOT feed your Pup this
T T by As You Wish Pet Sitters hanksgiving
is is is when we focus on being grateful and counting the blessings in in in in in in in our our lives It is is is often a a a a time for overindulgences too despite our our our best intentions This extends to to to our our pets as well It’s important to to to remember that many of
the the traditional Thanksgiving
foods we we we love can be harmful to to your dogs however there are
some safe options options According to to the the the ASPCA the the the following options options are
great healthy snacks for your pups: raw/cooked plain carrots and green beans apples well cooked cooked turkey without skin or bones plain plain mashed sweet potatoes and pureed plain plain pumpkin is an an excellent “dessert” treat for your dogs that will actually help with their digestion Some important foods to avoid at at holidays and year round are: alcohol garlic onion chives nuts salt spic- es es es xylitol chocolate avocado coconut products yeast dough mushrooms co co co co co ee grapes/raisins undercooked or raw meat and and eggs bones gravy overly fatty foods and and sugary human desserts Following these simple guidelines will ensure that Thanksgiving
is truly a a a a a a a a a time of
celebration and health for your dogs Starting at $7 75/wk
Pet Waste Removal Service
It is time for a a a a a seasonal scooping Locally Owned and Operated Since 2005
We’re ready to take care of
the the build up and then come back
to keep your yard in shape www dogwoodpoopscoop com com 720-771-1282
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As You Wish Pet Pet Sitters Pet Pet Sitting Hiring
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