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Available for Adoption! at Castle Rock’s Buddy Center
For information, visit dd .org (303) 751-5772
In the summer 2019 issue of Pet Tales, we shared a bit about planned giving, including the de nition and importance of these kinds of gifts. Just as the Dumb Friends League helps many types of homeless pets and animals, there are many ways of making a planned gift.
- Bequest: A bequest is the most common way to include the League in your will or trust. You can decide whether you prefer to leave a percentage of your estate to us or a speci c amount of money.
- Gift of cash: You can support the League by designating the organization as a bene ciary of a bank account by completing a pay-on-death form. This type of gift is accomplished with a simple form and does not require changing your will or trust.
- Gift of securities: A outright gift of securities may meet your needs if you have owned the securities for more than a year, and they are worth more than you originally paid--and if you want to avoid paying taxes on their appreciation. If you’d like to make a planned gift during your lifetime, this is a great option.
- Gift of retirement plan assets: You can name the League as a primary or secondary bene ciary to receive all or a portion of the proceeds
Licorice is a beautiful cat with an affectionate personality. She enjoys being pet and will reward your affection with an adorable purr. Come see if she is the cat that you’ve been looking for!
This affectionate feline is ready to meet her new family. Pumpkin has an independent personality, enjoying petting on her terms. She has good litterbox manners and loves sitting in sunny windows.
to Double Your Gift
Pinky is an adorable 2-year-old
looking for a special home. She might be a bit shy at  rst, but with time and patience her affectionate personality will shine. She does enjoy the company of other cats.
Meister is an 8-year-old Australian cattle dog mix. He is affectionate, playful and just generally a great dog. Meister would love to meet the entire family at the time of adoption including all children.
Located at
Equine Center
in Franktown, open to the public Friday – Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (except for major holidays).
DELILAH (A0631791)
Delilah is a sweet 29-year-old horse. She is a friendly girl and enjoys the company of other horses. Delilah is looking for a home where she can be a companion horse. She is currently up to date on dental  oating, farrier trims, vaccinations, and deworming and is overall healthy.
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