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2020 brings us a presidential election and an extra day of political ads.
That also means that during this leap year we might get an extra day of music.
That would be good!
~ Sam
It’s All About MUSIC
“We Are Music”
Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s hard to believe its ‘Drum Stick’ month already.
About a year ago we started planning this music section for the Castle Rock AreaNewsletters. It’s been a blast.
We’d like to thank all our readers
and contributors.
~ Tom
Contact us with ideas, rumors, suggestions, scheduled shows, to be featured:
“Stay Tuned”
We Support Live Music
We’re looking forward to
2020 Wondering How Live Music Will Stack-Up
Check the schedule on the next page and your local music venue for Holiday Music events
December 2019 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters” 42
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A W d   Two

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