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Santa’s Sharing Program
he Help & Hope Center operates a programeach year to help our established clients that are most in need and provide toys for their children. We are not able to provide this service to all clients, and the number we can serve is based upon the community support we receive. Our Client Advocates have the di cult task of selecting those who qualify.
In 2017 The Help and Hope Center adopted a Client Choice model in the Food
Bank. This allows the clients to select their own food and o ers them greater
dignity. To match that model, the Santa’s Sharing Program created a pilot program. We allowed those families who weren’t sponsored to select new toys & gifts for their children rather than having volunteers select for them from their wish list as has been done in the past. An actual “holiday store” was set up in our conference room. Even though no money was exchanged, the program was designed so that the parents had the experience of shopping for their children. This pilot was a great success among those selected. Based upon the overwhelmingly positive feedback received, we have decided that in 2019 our program will become exclusively an in-house, shopping experience.
Please help us ensure these families experience the joy of Christmas by donating new toys to  ll our “holiday store”. Additionally, gift cards and cash are appreciated for the teens.
We are making a change to our program this year and we need the help of generous donors to bring smiles to the faces of these children.
For more information or to complete a donor application, please visit our website at: or email your questions to
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