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Our Community,
It’s hard to make sense of the
Without a tremendous  nancial stimulus package of over $2 trillion dollars, we would most certainly  nd ourselves in a far more dire situation. In over 30 years of working in the investment business, the month of May 2020 will be one of the most important we have experienced.
One of the most important questions we face is, what can each of us do to help the fundamental need to restart our economy? My family relocated from New York City in 2002toCastleRock. Wehadreadaboutthe annual Starlighting and immediately added Castle Rock to the top of our list of attractive destinations to call home. A trip to Pegasus, Castle Rock Imports, and Bogeys West Record Store, sealed our fate. Our family was immediately smitten with the local downtown business community and the personal relationships that formed so easily. We still cherish these friendships 20 years later.
A concentrated effort to support local business will be absolutely integral to the survival of our community. Raising two kids and having coached many teams in our community, we have always counted on, relied upon the generous support of local businesses to be the backbone of our critical fundraising e orts. We now need a focused e ort to spread the word and put into practice quickly a “shop local  rst” e ort. Please consider a personal
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