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We now need... to spread the word and put into practice quickly a “shop local  rst” effort.
All  nancial planning services are provided free of charge
to retired or active Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers and Military.
Investment Advisory Services o ered through DWM Family Wealth Ltd.
“Let me treat you to
and a second opinion.”
Aware Accessible Accountable
Architect Your Financial Future.
It is nice to understand your plan and the advice you receive.
Dan Maurer, CEO/Owner 303-814-2349
Our Resolve, Shop Local
last few months, and what lies ahead.
commitment to communicate and empower a minimum of  ve families, the need for us to work together to support our local businesses recover as quickly as possible. Let the businesses know that we want to help. Even ask how to best help.
We also have many additional groups of heroes to acknowledge alongside our valued  rst responders. Those individuals that have continued to go to work in essential businesses,
By Dan Maurer, CEO/Owner, DWM Family Wealth Ltd.
whether healthcare, the pharmacy, supermarkets and many others. We thank you so much for your courage and bravery in helping to ensure that wehavethenecessitiesandservices that we need to survive.
We have a wonderful, thriving community, let’s work together to solidify a bright future.Our community, our resolve, shop local.
Call or email for advice now, or a co ee later.
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