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HowdoesCBDimproveimmune systemsensitivityandsignalling?
While CB2 cannabinoid receptors are vital to the normal function of immune cells, many of the therapeutic effects of CBD on immune system function differently than the classical cannabinoid receptors. In fact, much of the therapeutic effect of cannabidiol is due to CBD’s rare ability to alter which genes get expressed by cells. In the immune system, this affects both sensitivity and signalling. CBD limits the combinations of genes that get expressed, which limits the combinations of cytokines that cells are able to produce (proinflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory) and also the combination that they are able to respond to (the cytokines for which they have receptors).
What does all this mean for YOU?
It all boils down to this, your
not) based on the other systems in
your body working with it. Speci cally,
the endocannabinoid system (ECS)
is integral to the way that our immune
system regulates itself and maintains
a healthy balance of self-defense
without causing self-harm. The
immune system exists to sense any damage or threat and to respond to it in a way that removes the threat and repairs the damage. However, sometimes the immune response is disproportionate to the degree of damage. This results in an immune attack on healthy tissue, a condition known as autoimmunity. Autoimmunity is the harmful component of numerous common conditions, from arthritis to Crohn’s disease to Alzheimer’s.
When CBD enters your ECS it naturally helps regulate that system through the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This in turn causes the relationship between the ECS and immune system to function at a higher level as a whole. This means that having a healthier, better functioning ECS will in turn create a healthier better function immune system! Never forget that CBD gets you healthy, not high!
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