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After the Covid-19 Pandemic
What Hotels & Resorts May Look Like
Article provided by Travel Journeys
Getting to your hotel
Arriving by air? There’s a chance your hotel has started cleaning the area around you before you’re even left the airport. Many hotels are increasing the frequency of airport transfers to reduce the number of passengers in each vehicle too.
If you’re arriving via your own car, don’t assume a valet team will be waiting out front, as many hotels are suspending the service. Other hotels are keeping it and disinfecting the vehicle between drivers. Be prepared to carry your own bags. Many hotels are suspending its bell service. Hotel employees aren’t opening car or taxi doors upon arrival either.
Stepping into the lobby
Don’t be alarmed if you’re stopped at the hotel’s front door for a wellness screening and temperature check. Guests may also be asked to use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, and comply with six-foot social distancing policies.
How about a welcome drink? No, instead, you’ll be provided with branded PPE (personal protective equipment) upon arrival.
Furniture may be removed in the lobby to discourage congregating. Floors may be marked to encourage one-way pedestrian  ow between entrances and exits.
June 2020 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”
Hotels are cautiously reopening for the summer travel season, but it’s anything but business-as-usual in the hospitality industry.
Checking into your room
Some hotels are o ering curbside check-in while major hotel chains are transitioning to “digital keys” which allow you to check in and out (and pay your bill) via your mobile phone. Front desk sta  will still be present, likely standing behind a plexiglass partition. The front desk, even if not used much, will be cleaned at multiple points throughout the day, as will elevator buttons, public bathrooms, vending machines, ATMs, handrails, and seating areas.
Sta  may no longer escort you to or show you around your room, and elevators are being limited to just the people in your party. Some hotels are limiting the capacity to under 50% and you will see more cleaning sta  and sanitizing stations.
Inside your hotel room
Changes to your room may be apparent before you even enter. The room itself may look strangely bare. Items that are di cult to disinfect are missing, including decorative pillows, bed scarves, notepads, pamphlets, and pens. Minibars are gone. Robes will be available upon request. On the upside, a welcome drink and cool hand towel may be waiting for you in your room.
Guests at luxury, all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean will  nd pillows, blankets and in-room tablets sealed in vacuum packaging. Some resorts are testing Germ Guard, a single-use preventative sleeve that slides over remote-control devices.

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