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Housekeeping matters
Perhaps one of the biggest changes will be to housekeeping services. Room cleanings will be more intense but conducted less often
Room cleanings are now concentrating on high-touch points, such as door and furniture handles, faucets, light switches, remote controls, thermostats, and hangers. Used towels may be placed outside the door for pickup and replaced with a sealed bag of fresh ones, again found outside the door. Some are even steam cleaning carpets every week.
Restaurants and room service
Bu ets may disappear or be limited, but if o ered, serving them via a masked attendant. You may see more outside seating’s. Many restaurants in a hotel will close or limit the capacity. You may even see a robot-delivery system or room service.
Hotel restaurants are moving to paper and digital menus, the latter located on walls or via customer’s mobile phone, with a renewed reliance on single-use plastic and paper products. Bar stools are being removed to provide space between customers.
Many sports and recreational areas are closed or operating at limited capacities with enhanced cleanings. Some hotels are limiting pools to half the normal number of people allowed.
Reservations will need to be made for gyms. Other hotels are allowing guests to use bikes, beach chairs and umbrellas but are cleaning them after every use.
Behind the scenes
Guests will never see some of the biggest changes happening in the hotel industry, which begin with stringent employee safety and sanitation training. Cleanings will be supervised by sta  whose jobs are now devoted to overseeing that stringent protocol is being met.
Sta  temperatures will be taken prior to every shift, with many required to wear protective gear at all times.
For many of us, these changes will be good as we all adjust to the new normal but, go on with what we all enjoy--travel. •
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Due to Corona Virus concerns we wear masks, gloves, and booties.

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