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Separate yet parallel, ThomasOEwing and Gary Rea lived transient lives before crossing paths.
riginally from Northern Colorado, Thomas went to design school and spent time in
Denver, before he and his wife, Debbie, moved to Texas to pursue freelance design work. Born in South Africa, Gary and his wife Kerry headed to California to follow another path. Gary’s band signed a record deal, but within a year the band dismantled. Sensing a new direction, Gary and his wife quit their jobs so their kids could see the world up close through the windows of an RV. At the end of this excursion, Gary and his family settled in Franklin,
Around this time Gary was looking for a likeminded musical partner. He met Thomas in
Montana and an immediate connection took place. In the following weeks, Thomas and his wife made a visit to Franklin, Tennessee – a visit that would soon be permanent. A cross country move was exactly the refresh Thomas was needing.
Gary explained, “Thomas and I found a natural synergy co-writing together.” Combining their individual life experiences, a unique sound was created - a mix of South Africa and North America. Thomas and Gary created honest, transparent depictions through song.
After recording a set of songs, they began sharing their music – trying to  nd where their sound would  t. This was the beginning of Land of Color; two guys from opposite ends of the world with completely different backgrounds coming together to create something that neither of them could make on their own.
The band name references the colorful mix of African rhythms, catchy melodies and tight harmonies that blend together to create a new sound, Land of Color. Their song, “Many Lands,” encapsulates who they are as a band. Thomas shares, “This song came out of a late-night production session, and the product was not only a song, but also a brand-new way to do music.”
“I remember the two of us having serious doubts about what we’d produced – wondering if anyone would like it,” Gary explained. “Ironically, this was the song that convinced ReMade Records, an imprint of Provident Label Group (a division of Sony Music Entertainment), to sign us.”
“Our songwriting process is unique. We give ourselves permission to explore the quirky musical ideas hidden in the left side of our brains. Many of our songs start with one of us sharing an idea we self-consciously think is dumb and the other saying “YES, I like it. Let’s explore that!”, says Gary. “Morning Song” was exactly that. One morning Thomas and I got together to track some other songs, only to stumble upon this little tune. We ditched our original plans for the session and instead wrote and recorded “Morning Song.”
A beautiful song about being in the moment, that’s where Gary and Thomas found themselves when writing “Morning Song”. “Something we are constantly faced with is being present in the now. Lots of songs are looking at our surroundings, and tangible things,” says Thomas. “But, to be thankful for what we have and where we are, the people that surround us is something we often can take for granted.”
The lyrics in the song “Looking at the  owers grow...” is a reminder to slow down and let life happen. “We are not in charge of the process of life,” says Gary. “But a part of it.” Even the title “Morning Song” speaks to “those  rst quiet moments when we wake up. We can create that peaceful time for positive thinking, faith, and trust before we allow
any anxiety or stress to take over,” says Thomas.
“Whatever you believe makes the world turn, trust in the process that’s bigger than
yourself, and at times let go of control.” That surrender of control, sent Gary and Thomas on their paths to creating Land of Color.
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