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More often than not, on social media I see negative comments regarding the expansion and development of Castle Rock and surrounding communities. Unfortunately for those nay-sayers, change is both inevitable and predictable given the increase in the population of Douglas County . There are opportunities to participate in the planning process and give your input to government of cials. The Castle Rock Town Government is always looking for volunteers to serve on commissions, advisory committees and councils to participate in the community and economic development process. Anyone who has the time and talent might want to consider becoming an active volunteer to positively impact these changes within our community. My goal in this monthly column is to inform our readers about current and planned changes going on around the Town of Castle Rock without making judgments or editorial comments.
River Walk Development Project:
When you walk or drive by the ongoing construction of the River Walk development project located at 115 and 215 Wilcox in Castle Rock, you will notice that completion and occupancy is getting much closer to reality. Once completed, this will be a “mixed use” facility with restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues. The vision of city planners is to “merge with small town heart to create a rich, livable experience and a charming, walkable downtown just
outside resident’s front door”. Planners hope to generate more foot tra c in the downtown corridor while preserving the historic feel of Castle Rock. Once completed, this River Walk complex will consist of 230 luxury, 1-2 bedroom apartment units. It will have 30,000 square feet of o ce space and 15,000 square feet of retail space. Residents will have access to 50 miles of bike and hiking trails, 5400 acres of open space and 84,000 square feet of indoor programs and amenities at the Castle Rock Recreation Center. It will be directly across from the new Festival Park in the center of town. The River Walk project development cost exceeds $64 million. Folks are starting to occupy apartments in this new facility and several retail spaces are either occupied or planned for future lease. New sidewalks have recently been constructed in front of the complex to accommodate pedestrians. There will be underground parking available to residents and shop owners. All of this should change the vibe of downtown and increase activity and commerce after hours and during weekends and holidays. The
developer is Con uence Companies which is a real estate development company with headquarters in Golden, Colorado.
Castle Rock’s Glacier Home Made Ice Cream and Gelato:
Glacier Home Made Ice Cream and Gelato is a new and family-owned ice cream shop has recently opened in downtown Castle Rock, located in the front of the new River Walk complex at 115 Wilcox Street. Their website is
Wade A. Frary
River Walk
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