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If your sprinkler controls look like THIS...
Then it’s time to upgrade to THIS...
The worm operation that I’m describing here does well inside your home. Mine is in the laundry room on a sturdy, waterproof cloth.
Composting with Coffee Grounds
bones, oil or dairy or you will have a stinky mess on your hands.
With stacked bins, harvest from the bottom bin every two-three months. You may or may not choose to sift remaining worms out. If a few end up in your raised beds, wish them the best as they burrow down! Your raised beds and other plants will thank you for the fresh fertilizer your worm friends have made.
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Winter is a good time to upgrade your sprinkler timers to a WiFi based sprinkler timer that uses the latest technology for water e ciency.
Your Local Sprinkler Expert
My worms eat,
sleep, propagate in
their worm “cruise
ship”. The living medium mixture can greatly vary; one recommendation is 1/3 coconut coir, 1/3 shredded paper/shredded cardboard, and 1/3 used potting mix. Moisten with dechlorinated water (water you’ve left standing for a few days to de-gas) to the consistency of a damp sponge. For new worms, let them settle a bit after adding them, then add a cup or two of food in a corner. Existing worms climb up to eat new food. Rotate feeding sites to different corners to encourage movement. Consider adding a one inch layer of shredded paper/shredded cardboard to the top. I use a paper shredder for both. The extra layer provides brown food, absorbs excess moisture, and helps keep them from “escaping.” From my experience, it has not been necessary to add supplemental water and they try to vacate their home if it gets too wet!
Worms eat a variety of past-prime vegetable/ fruit scraps. Coffee grounds are a PH-neutral option. I loosely chop edible food waste and freeze portions in plastic-ware or bags. Freezing softens food, kills pests, allows for the right amount of food at the right time. Defrost before feeding to worms. Citrus and brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, and others) are not recommended for worms. And worms are vegetarians! No meats,
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