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Daughter &Mother owners, Shay and Rita Comeaux
Benefits of Reiki:
• Stress relief and relaxation • Overall feeling ofwell being • Aids in healing physical and
emotional imbalances
• Can increase spiritual awareness
...and much more
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5141 Devon Avenue • Castle Rock, CO • 720-244-9249
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Article written by Evan Starkman, provided by LifeSource Reiki
What Is Reiki
eiki Therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. The idea is that a Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch -- or places their hands just above your body -- to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing.
A Japanese man named Mikao Usui developed reiki in the 1920s. The term comes from two Japanese words: “Rei,” which means universal,
and “ki,” which loosely translates to a lifeforce of energy. While there’s no research to show that the energy field involved in Reiki exists, you may find it relaxing.
Reiki has been studied for conditions like pain, anxiety, and depression. It’s a complementary treatment, which means you use it along with proven traditional medical treatments. It doesn’t cure or get rid of any health conditions by itself.
Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions about Reiki, like:
• How Does Reiki Work?
• Who Can Practice Reiki?
• Does Reiki Help With Anxiety?
• What Are the Side Effects of Reiki? • What Should I Expect After Reiki? ... and other questions
At LifeSource Reiki, mother and daughter Reiki master duo Rita and Shay Comeaux offer a unique tandem session to give you an amazing Reiki healing experience. They
look forward to seeing you in their studio soon. You may book your appointment with a click of our website on our ad, email us, or call or text us at 720-244-9249.
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Visit us in the BLUE House between 7-11 and Crowfoot Coffee
740 Wilcox St., Castle Rock • 720-479-8245
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