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Don’t throw away
your pumpkins.
Find woods near you and smash open for wildlife to eat.
Pumpkin is safe for wildlife and the birds will love the seeds. Recycling + food source...
Win / Win.
How to Recycle Halloween Pumpkins for Wildlife
Click to see more ideas.
ut your pumpkin into
pieces and scatter outside
as a treat for local critters.
Birds will feed on the  esh
in addition to the seeds,
as will squirrels, foxes,
deer, porcupines and
other mammals. Generally feeding mammals is discouraged but in this case it’s ok to do as a once-a-year thing to recycle your pumpkin. Just don’t do this in your yard if large animals such as bears might be attracted. In most areas brown and black bears are entering their winter dormancy by the time Halloween passes.
Water Wiser Workshop Tuesday, October 5
Did you realize you could be wasting between 20 and 75 percent of your sprinkler water?
Discover if you are using the right sprinkler for the job, how to  x common irrigation problems, and simple steps to understand your landscape-watering needs. Plus learn indoor tips and about rebates available to you for more water conservation efforts.
Click button above to Register.
Learn to Conserve
• Blow-Outs
• Blow-Outs
• Winterizations
• Winterizations
Email > 720-350-3208
October 2021 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”
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