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Answer to Trivia question:
Norris Croom III started as a volunteer with the Castle Rock Volunteer Fire Department in 1986. While serving as a volunteer  re ghter, he worked for a private ambulance company in the Denver area as an EMT and paramedic. He was hired as the  rst career  re ghter for Castle Rock in 1993, and has served as a  re ghter/paramedic, lieutenant, division chief, deputy chief, and was selected to serve as  re chief in 2018.
Perez needed to be overpowered and put in a straitjacket for the transport to Colorado Springs. When he arrived in El Paso County, Perez spat on the o cers and announced that he was not sorry for what he had done.
The 2nd bullet hole behind the counter at
the B&B Cafe. The bullet hole in the ceiling of B&B Cafe.
O cers Begley and Ohruh won
their battle against death and
were among the  rst to donate to a fund for Marshall Lewis’ wife, Ruth, and four children, 18 months to 12 years of age.
on their home. In 1952, the Castle Rock Town Council voted to change Main Street in the Craig-Gould neighborhood to Lewis Street in honor of Marshall Lewis.
First degree Murder charges were  led against Perez, and in May 1946 Perez
was convicted of Marshall Lewis’ murder. Because Perez was under 18, he was sentenced to life in prison rather than death. Not long after arriving in the State Penitentiary in Canon City, Perez was killed in a prison knife  ght.
“Bullet Bargainer” by Ray Humphreys,
Timely Detective Cases Magazine, 1946.
“Murder at the B&B Café” by Tim Weber. Publication unknown.
In the 1940’s Douglas County’s law enforcement consisted of the elected Sheri  and an appointed Undersheri . They patrolled the county in their own vehicles and volunteer deputies kept the peace at local dances/gatherings. There were no municipal police agencies in Douglas County.
Castle Rock had a population of 580, and Raymond Burr Lewis (Ray Lewis) served as the Town Marshall, the Street and Water Commissioner, and was the  rst assistant chief in the volunteer  re department. Ray was well-known and liked in the community, and over 700 people, including Denver policemen, attended Ray’s funeral on
February 19, 1946. He was laid to rest in Cedar Hill Cemetery. The fund for his family raised over $6000, which Ruth used to pay
o  the $2000 mortgage
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