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between 2pm on Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning.
The Glover News article written by Mrs. Robert Triplet a week after the  ood said, “The clean-up started the next
day. When the sun came out a couple
of days later, it was hard to realize such a terrible thing had happened
but when one goes down the road and looks at a pasture that once was there and sees machinery covered by sand or sees twisted trailer homes on cement slabs that used to be a bridge or where a highway used to carry heavy tra c and now is gone or see a railroad trestle hanging in the air, you know it happened.”
For years after the  ood when my family drove to and from Walsenburg to visit our grandparents, the scars on the mountainsides around Castle Rock were eerie reminders of that scary June day.
An automobile buried in silt and debris near a utility pole on Highway 85 north of Castle Rock looking west toward the Rampart Range. Utility lines are intact and visible in the background. Mr. and Mrs. Rube Oman were rescued from this car after a winch truck peeled back the top to permit their escape.
A Denver Post Empire story written
a year after the  ood recounted the
day that heavy clouds descended over Dawson Butte, according to Mrs. Cecile Whitman. By the next morning four great gashes in the side of Dawson Butte were visible, caused by the torrent of water that “felled thousands of trees and tossed boulders as big as a bedroom around like pebbles and stripped living bark from trees that somehow withstood the storm.” The day before the torrential rain, this area was well grassed and heavily covered with pine trees and scrub oak.
In the days after the  ood my family’s lives, like so many, were altered. My Dad worked for the phone company which meant he was needed to clear
the mud out of the rooms where
PBX communications equipment was housed, usually in the basement of large buildings. He came home covered in mud and exhausted every night.
Hunt Mountain Southwest Corner Mud ow after 1965 Flood.
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