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Answer to Trivia question: I-25 at MP 193 was known as West Parker Road before it was renamed Lincoln Avenue.
Mom collected his  lthy clothes and headed straight to the washer every night. I remember the commotion about Dad having to get a Tetanus shot before starting this assignment.
All the bridges over the Platte River in south Denver had been washed away except for Bowles which was damaged. Culverts were used to build emergency roads across the Platte River, but those emergency roads could only be used by vehicles that displayed an Emergency Pass on them. Because Dad needed
to get to the other side of town to get telephone service re-established, he displayed his Emergency Pass on his two-month-old 1965 Ford truck. One time we all piled into the back of Dad’s truck to go to the Denver Drumstick at Oxford and Santa Fe which was across the Platte River from our house. Mom and Dad made it clear it was a one-time event and we didn’t need to share that experience with our friends!
Informationaboutthe1965CastleRockFloodcanberesearched in the Archives and Local History at Douglas Public Libraries.
I’d encourage you to spend an afternoon at the Castle Rock Library and read
the amazing stories about what people experienced and how they survived. There were several accounts of a semi- trailer that disappeared into the swirling water after a bridge south of Castle Rock was washed away. When I served as the County Coroner from 2011-2015, I received a call from a woman who asked if her father had ever been found. She told me that he was a truck driver who was lost during the  ood of 1965. She said that his truck had been found but he had not. I now wonder if the woman who called me was the daughter of the truck driver who disappeared into the night?
Damage to the Wolfensberger Road bridge. The view is looking west toward the Santa Fe Quarry. The bridge is missing a large span across East Plum Creek and Interstate 25. The Cedar Hill Cemetery and a Skelly gas station are on the west side of the creek.
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