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Fix It Therapies LLC is the leading provider of Physical Fitness and Rehabilitation services in Castle Rock
Under the direction of Meghan Notartomaso, DPT, patients receive the highest quality of integrative care that focuses on enhancing overall wellness and maximizing pa- tients’ quality of life.
The staff at Fix It Therapies LLC provides com- prehensive care for individuals during any stage of your fitness journey. The team specializes in Sport and Spinal injuries, Personal Injury Rehabilitation, as well as Performance and Wellness Coaching. Sport and Spine or Personal Injuries needed to be looked at by an experienced health care team that understands the importance of prioritizing your care and triaging your specific needs. From Vertigo, Post Concussive syndrome, and balance disorders, to Whiplash, sprains, strains, fractures, and con- tusions, the team has the comprehensive tools to meet your needs.
At Fix It Therapies LLC, the team also offers Manual Thera- pies including; Soft tissue Trigger point massage, Joint mobilization, Cupping, Taping, and Therapeutic Dry Needling to reduce pain, pro- mote healing, and increase range of motion in inflamed or painful joints and muscles.
In addition to Physical and Rehabilitative Therapies, Fix It Therapies LLC offers comprehen- sive Fitness Packages for Injury Prevention, Sport Performance, and Skill Training. These package plans allow clients to work on meeting their individual goals and training needs.
Beyond the customized package plans, Fix It Therapies LLC offers a monthly membership pro- gram designed for clients that include initial fitness assessments, benchmark testing, specialized training platforms, nutrition, and health and wellness. These membership plans have proven to be very helpful by offering continued care
and accountability for all clients. Memberships are often purchased af- ter rehabilitation needs are met and the individ- ual is ready to return to the daily grind of life and recreational fitness and keep themselves accountable for their health and wellness goals and progress.
If you need help returning to your favorite sport or want to optimize your health and fitness, schedule a consultation by calling 720-815-6692 or by requesting an appointment online now. | 720-815-6692
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