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Happy to work with you virtually, online.
By Lana Paul, Lighting The Way Certi ed Grief Recovery Specialist
Clouds of
Can Be Cleared
There is a homesickness amongst many, for what was our normal but also for some this time has shined its light upon the lack of connection in our lives. The depth of connection where our lives mean something.
I know teenagers who are overwhelmed and simply need the pain to stop, they need to stop feeling. This is my focus today. Know that what we are feeling, it is probably bigger and scarier for the kiddos. Please con- nect with the teens and the preteens in your life and in your community.
The fear, the confusion and feelings are experienced by each of us individually but also on a community/societal/ collective level. My impression is that it is this collective level of energetic junk that is clouding us individually and creating a sense of powerlessness and foreboding.
This cloud sits within our energetic  eld. This  eld surrounds each of us and this negativity can get stuck within this  eld. It’s a fairly quick process to be able to clear the energetic  eld. If you  nd yourself feeling stuck in powerlessness or if your child is, I encourage you to reach out to me to schedule a clearing. There are many individuals who are trained in these processes so please work with someone you trust.
Do you need a clearing? The answer is yes if you  nd yourself experiencing any of the following: anxious, stressed, highly sensitive, going through change, have moved your home or changed jobs.
To continue the conversation about what you are feeling, click here to connect.
n abundance of loneliness and loss seemingly began when we were asked to social distance, to shelter in place and to stay at home in March. Many have not clawed their way back to the surface and we are beginning to see the effects in the lives of those we care about.
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