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Every Sunday through September • 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Festival Park
Booths are spread out to a minimum of six-feet apart, and samples are not being o ered for the time being. Touchless payments will be encouraged and a sanitation schedule will be strictly enforced. Additionally, tra c will be one-way throughout the market. Customers will be asked to follow the chalk lines on the ground. It’s important to note, these practices could change throughout the season as additional guidelines are released by local health authorities.
Farmer’s markets are considered an essential service during
the COVID-19 pandemic. With a few extra precautions,
residents are encouraged to come support the community,
local vendors and small businesses from the area. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little bit of the summer season during these challenging times.
“We all want to enjoy the summer season,” said Parks and Recreation Director Je  Brauer. “The Farmer’s Market at Festival Park is a great way for residents to get outside, enjoy the warm weather and support the local com-
New this year, the farmer’s market will also be virtual. In addition to the physical market, online shoppers will have the opportunity to shop the market, Monday through Thursday, via the market’s website – theLocalColo- Once their order is processed, online shoppers will receive a pickup time. On the day of the market, sta  will organize and complete the order. Shoppers should then drive to the window along Second Street to pick up their order without leaving their car.
More information is available at
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