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The process of remembering

        When you ‘record’ a memory, and then bring it back, your brain

        goes through a 4-step process:

        1. Receive

        ▪ You bring the information into your brain through your one or more of your senses.

        2. Encode

        ▪ Your brain changes this information into something that can be stored – a bit like

            changing words we hear into writing. It is then held in your working memory.

        3. Store

        ▪ You then pass the information into your long-term memory storage.

        4. Retrieve

        ▪ When you remember something, you pull the information back out of your long-term
            memory – like taking old photographs out of the loft!

          Memory problems can be caused by something going wrong at

                                                     any of these stages.

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