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            What is the role of the Finance Director?

            To contribute to the attainment of the company's business objectives by:

                •  Providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure that the company's financial
                    commitments are met
                •  Developing all necessary policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial
                    management and control of the company’s business

            What can a Part-Time FD do for you?

            An FD will ensure that the processes put in place help the business have clear direction. As every
            function within a company has a financial impact, it is essential that these processes are

            communicated to everyone in the organisation, to enable all the different functions to be aware
            of the impact their contributions have.

            The best Finance Directors spend more than half their time looking at the future of your business
             not its past.  They will:

                •  have  a  collaborative  approach  and  will  work  closely  with  the  MD/CEO  and  the  wider

                    management team and know your business inside out.
                •  have the confidence to challenge and influence the management robustly but tactfully.

            Above all, they will add tangible value to your business and help propel it to the next stage of

            A good FD will have a relentless focus on future cash flow.

            COVID-19  pandemic  has  been  disastrous  for  business  cash  flow  and  has  been  followed  by
             recognition of COVID-19 global recession. However, first major signs of the recession preceded the
             pandemic with the 2020 stock market collapse on 20 February.

            It is therefore critical that cash flow forecasts are dynamic as the priorities are now all about cash.

            We are in extraordinary times which require extraordinary decisions and actions.

            The following pages detail the areas that a part-time FD would address to enable them to direct
             financial performance, protect the financial integrity of the company and drive strategy.


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