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recycling plant underway
recycled plastic the country imports.
“The facility will reimagine domestic manufacturing and recycling, and our investment in building this plant is central to Pact’s strategy, which is to lead the plastics circular econ- omy in Australia,” said Sanjay Dayal, Pact Group CEO.
The project was made possi- ble with the assistance of almost $5 million from the Environ- mental Trust as part of the NSW government’s Waste Less, Recy- cled More initiative.
It is funded from the waste levy, with the support of the Department of Regional NSW and the federal government’s Recy- cling Modernisation Fund. ■
For more on Pact Group’s circu- lar economy initiatives, see page 12-14 for PKN’s interview with CEO Sanjay Dayal.
PKN, 158 x 245 mm, Varioline, CC-en30-AZ080 08/18
     Amcor profits surge by 65 per cent in the first six months, with the company benefiting from stay-at-home consumer demand in the pandemic year.
Flexible sales were US$4.85bn, which was a US$4m increase in the prior year, while rigids were US$12m higher at US$1.352bn.
Growth was also driven by several launches of brand extensions and new health and wellness oriented products in PET containers. ■
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