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A S Harrison & Co recognises that not all Stevia are the same. Many products in the market
are a blend from multiple sources, creating batch to batch variability and unknown traceability.
A S Harrison & Co Stevia is an ethically single sourced product from Peru, which is rainforest certified.
The company understands the market demand and increasing pressure to reduce the amount of sugar added into products, and believes it might
have the perfect alternative for a balanced solution.
A S Harrison & Co Stevia is ideal for all product types that contain sugar and its product purification process creates a function of polarity yield to create a unique taste profile.
It is 100 per cent natural with a water-based extraction process. Standard extraction contains up to a maximum of 40 steviolgycosides, ideal for 30-50 per cent sugar reduction.
A S Harrison also has a premium range of products
that target specific sugar reduction and taste profiles:
• high Polar Stevioglycosides
in combination with moderate Apolar Stevioglycosides, mimics
a sugar like taste and sweetness ideal for 50 to
70 per cent sugar reduction; and
• low Polar Stevioglycosides in combination with high Apolar Stevioglycosides, creates a strong sweetness enhancing an ideal 20-30 per centsugarreduction. ✷
Healthy sweetness
Targeting pests
FOR 40 years, MLA Holdings has been at the forefront of forklifts. MLA national sales manager Steve Kent says the logistics and warehousing industry have specific needs for clean, powerful, low maintenance forklift trucks.
The three-wheel electric series from Mitsubishi is ultra-compact and offer incredible manoeuvrability, he says. “The FB13-20TCB series is unbeatable in confined working areas such as narrow warehouse aisles and containers,” says Kent.
All FB-TCB series forklift trucks have the innovative
AC Power control system, which provides more powerful and advanced capabilities
by integrating travel, hydraulic and electric
power steering functions
into one cohesive system.
“While these trucks are perfect for indoor applications where noise, pollutants or particulate contamination is undesirable, they also now come with a higher IPX4 rating, which means the forklift and its systems are protected against water spray from all directions and angles, making them safe to operate in rain,” Kent says.
A forklift’s most important component is its operator. The FB-TCB series is particularly
FOR almost a decade, Adams Pest Control has been developing and refining its electronic monitoring service (EMS) with a number of specialist businesses both here and overseas.
Traditional data transmission by WiFi had limitations, including power consumption and the need for modems and repeater stations. Narrow Band technology (NBIoT) has proved to be reliable for commercial and industrial settings.
It represents the future of pest control, shifting from a reactive approach to one that is proactive and targeted, driven by continuous data collection.
The system uses sensors to collect data to develop an evidence based integrated pest management program, which will mitigate risk
of infestations, mitigate risk associated with the use of rodenticide,
and is an efficient
use of resource
i.e. targeted pest
Its benefits:
• 24/7 monitoring of rodent
activity using open and in
device sensors;
• quick response and action
reducing likelihood of negative social media attention;
• track rodent movement, entry points, congregation and nesting locations;
• data, analytical diagrams and heat maps;
• supply “real-time” data directly to you on a client dashboard interface;
• greatly reduce rodenticide use, waste and reliance on poisons; and
• vastly improve animal welfare compliance. ✷
effective in creating the best working conditions for its operators. Electric power steering, great visibility, ergonomic controls, comfortable seat and impressive leg room are just some of the ways this is achieved. The moment you slide into the seat, everything feels right, Kent says. It also has an array of safety features including speed control and load indicators. ✷
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