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Krones has added the Craftmate G to its family of fillers, which is compact and can handle up to 24,000 glass bottles per hour.
Following the success of Krones’ can filler Craftmate C since 2015, the Craftmate G in contrast handles glass bottles and resembles the supplier’s Modulfill series.
The Craftmate G features the HRS (Height filling system, Return gas tube, Short tube) system, as well as a vent tube and can be combined with up to two closers for crowns, screw-caps or aluminium roll-on closures.
The filler’s front table is self-draining, while the control cabinet, valve node and vacuum pump are grouped together in a single module, and permanently attached to the machine.
The Craftmate G has two pitch circle diameters
– 1440 and 1800 millimetres – and is designed for small and mid-tier breweries for a quality and compact filler solution.
Wefapress Beck + Co’s food secure products (FSP) have entered the Australian and New Zealand markets, with engineering plastics company Cut To Size Plastics securing distribution in the region.
The FSP range is certified to EU Regulation 10/2011, which is classified as one of the strictest standards in the world.
“Because these plastics meet all the requirements of the EU standards, which are some of the strictest globally, they set a very high standard locally for food safe materials,” said Cut To Size Plastics managing director Laurie Green.
“Plastics in this segment must be physiologically harmless in order to come in contact with food. This not only protects the health of the consumer, but also the composition of the food and its organoleptic properties.”
The Wefapress FSP range can be coloured in a distinctive blue to help clearly identify the products as compliant
in certain food and beverage environments.
Kaeser Compressors has launched a new series of refrigeration dryers to its range, designed to stabilise pressure dew point performance while ensuring energy efficiency.
The Secotec TG series aims to achieve maximum reliability and minimal life-cycle costs, all within its compact footprint.
Australian blending and mixing company Teralba Industries has introduced a new addition to its Mixquip Drum Mixers range.
The Mixquip Mix Station comes with a pneumatic drum mixer powered by air, enabling operators to safely and efficiently mix multiple ingredients in drums or containers.
It features a hand control valve to manage a range of mixing intensities, with the one station able to mix products with varying viscosities, as well as drums or vessels that are half full.
The Mix Station also has pedestal mounting, elevating the mixer with an air operated lifting ram for new drums to be positioned before the agitator lowers it into place.
The Mixquip Pedestal Mixer includes safety interlocks preventing the mixing propeller from starting until it is in the lowered position and a
vessel is in place. Teralba Industries
offers a range of mixing equipment, available Australia- wide.
It features a Secopack LS heat exchanger system, with a latent heat thermal mass composed of a phase change material. As a result, the system has one of the highest thermal densities on the market, and can deliver the same performance using 98 per cent
less thermal mass material. The air-cooled dryers also
feature a new ventilation system, using a radial fan and no longer requires an auxiliary fan. The independent exhaust air control further allows the refrigeration dryer to be connected directly to the collecting ducts.
The Secotec TG series comes equipped with the user-friendly Sigma Control Smart electronic controller to provide access to comprehensive information in a glance, and also has the capability to be connected to the Sigma Air Manager (SAM 4.0)
master controller.
Kaeser can provide the new dryers
with flow rates from 45 up to 98 m3/ min, and are available with a choice of air or water-cooling.
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