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A new, selectable voltage power supply from Exair allows users to choose input voltages of 115VAC or 230AC, and features two stainless steel output connectors to energise static eliminators.
Available from Compressed Air Australia, the Gen4 Two Outlet Selectable Voltage Power Supply includes an electromagnetically shielded modular power supply cable to ease routing
and connections.
It is UL component recognised, CE and
RoHS compliant, and features an integrated fuse to protect against voltage spikes.
The Gen4 Two Outlet Power Supply is housed in a durable metal enclosure, designed for rugged, industrial environments, while the Gen4 Static Eliminator products for the power supply have a bayonet-style connector, which can be inserted where the electrical connection is made deep inside to prevent shock hazards.
The latest, intermediate bulk container (IBC) cleaner from Tecpro Australia is designed to assist food and beverage businesses that rely on IBCs and small tanks, without the need for oil or grease.
The new A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner is compact and uses the cleaning water to drive its 360-degree rotation in order to avoid contamination.
It uses three injectors to produce low speed and high torque in one compact unit, as well as working with water temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius and water flows between 10-30 l/min.
Designed and manufactured in Italy using stainless steel, the A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner is resistant to harsh chemicals and requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.
Tecpro Australia will ensure all hydrokinetic heads are pre-set and tested at the factory to be compatible with the water flow and pressure rates at each facility it is installed in.
Robotic end-of-arm tooling producer OnRobot has released its new electric vacuum gripper, ideal for small spaces and highly configurable for a range of applications.
The VGC10 compact electric vacuum gripper is based on the design of OnRobot’s award- winning VG10 gripper, while addressing customer demand for a smaller and lighter option that can offer the same payload of 15 kilograms.
The new grip features easily changeable suction cup options, and has the ability to add or replace arms to fit specific application needs. OnRobot APAC general manager James Taylor said the roll-out of VGC10 was timely for countries in Asia Pacific, as it embraces robotic automation
at an impressive pace.
“The VGC10 continues our
commitment to help manufacturers embrace automation and enjoy quicker returns through its compact nature, speedy deployment process and increased power,” he said.
It also features two independently controlled air channels for dual gripping, and is IP54 rated for harsh conditions.
Fluid Components International (FCI) will provide one of the widest selection of Modbus compatible thermal mass air/gas meters to the industry, supported through its Australian distributor AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.
FCI recently added the Modbus communication protocol to its new ST80, ST51A/ST75A, ST100 and multipoint MT100 Series.
This means FCI can now provide an optimal, highest value flow meter solution matched to Modbus-based measurement and control system with air or gas flow rate components.
Available for line sizes from 6mm to the largest stacks and ducts, these thermal mass flow meters with Modbus I/O are designed to measure the flow of air, as well as 200 different gases, including inert and hydrocarbon-based.
The thermal mass air/gas flow meters have no moving parts to foul or clog, and aims to achieve a low install cost due as it does not require routine maintenance.
All FCI thermal flow meters are dual function and can provide flow and temperature measurement, as well as totalised flow and outputs over the Modbus connection.
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