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Television, long a static piece of furniture, is off the couch and following the consumer, changing the whole game as consumption habits evolve and audiences migrate to mobile devices, watch streaming media using catchup apps and binge watching their weekends away.
     Stirring the
television cauldron
The changes bring opportunity, making addressable TV possible, delivering more targeted and personalised ads to specific groups in pre- cise geographic areas.
And the launch of a better audience measuring method, VOZ, and its window into BVOD (broadcast video-on-demand) promises to add a younger demographic, simplify what can be a complex exercise and present all screen consumption in one report.
Audiences for traditional, linear television are shrinking but there is no doubt that TV still works and has an essential position in the world of advertising.
Last year was a tough one for television, and this year will likely be similar, with the added impact of the bushfires and the coronavirus on an already soft advertising market.
But all agree that television is an essential ingredient of a brand campaign.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re a new media like Facebook, or you’re more traditional media like telly, it is an absolute fact that sight, sound, and movement is very powerful for brands,” says Ben Willee, general manager and media director, at Spinach.
“Against a lot of target audiences and especially those that target mass brands, TV is a really essential component and there’s a lot of evidence that tells you it’s working just as effectively as it always has, albeit in a challenging reach environment.

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