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 Network 10
By Rod Prosser,
chief sales officer, Network 10 and ViacomCBS
Last year was big for Network
10. We had new hit shows, strong audience growth in the second half and into the summer, the return of our sales team in- house, the merger of our owner CBS with Viacom, the return of the Melbourne Cup Carnival
and plenty more. Yes, 2019 left everyone at 10 a little weary, but that doesn’t mean we have any plans to catch our breath in 2020 — we’re just warming up.
Here’s what I’m most excited about this year:
10-ViacomCBS Sales
The merger of Network
10 and ViacomCBS Australia sales teams in mid-April is going to be a game-changer. The combination of 10’s free-to-air brands and ViacomCBS’s subscription brands including MTV, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr is great news for marketers. It gives them access to a powerful network with video assets that are highly targeted at
the under 50s, plus
a one-stop-shop
to reach every age
and every stage under
50. We’re working closely
with the ViacomCBS team to create the perfect proposition to tie existing and new channels into sponsorship packages, in a way that seamlessly gives
our advertisers more
scale and increased
opportunities to
integrate across all of
our assets.
MasterChef Australia
As it enters its 12th season, MasterChef Australia remains
one of the most loved and iconic shows on Australian TV – and this year’s extraordinary season promises to continue that proud heritage.
We have three talented and exciting new judges – Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy
Allen – plus 24 of the most popular contestants from seasons past, back to win. It’s a new look for the show, but its heart hasn’t changed. At the end of the day, MasterChef Australia will always be about celebrating great food and delivering great results for our partners.
The Masked Singer
It was the out-of-the-box hit of the 2019 TV year, captivating viewers and winning its timeslot in under 50s. The Masked Singer was our biggest show last year, with an average weekly capital city total audience of 1.1 million. It will be back on 10 later this year, bigger, better and more bizarre than ever.
Buy10 YOU
Last year we gave you Buy10, a complete end-to-end trading and inventory optimisation platform. Now we’re stepping things up. Buy10 You is a self-serve buying platform that gives small and medium-size businesses a new way to reach 10’s younger, more engaged audience. This year, in
a market first, we will also launch real-time commercial availability on-demand removing the friction of manual ad planning while providing greater transparency for advertisers.
Sure, this is less about 10 and more about our industry as a whole but considering the TV industry has been talking about it for years and now it is finally here, Virtual Australia or VOZ is worth celebrating. For the first time, marketers and agencies will have access to a national picture of total TV viewing, across capital city and regional broadcast and BVOD – giving everyone a much better idea of how people are watching TV content. This is a world-leading development in audience measurement and will lead to a big change in how we all look at and analyse TV viewing. For 10, VOZ is going to quantify what we already know: our shows are a hit with viewers across multiple platforms.
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