Page 19 - AdNews April 2020
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 “A softer ad market sharpens our focus on value, how we better impact audiences and driving better outcomes for our clients, rather than a pure focus on reducing CPMs; a metric that is increasingly becoming irrelevant,” he says.
“An acceleration of audience movement away from linear TV to dig- ital streaming services places pressure on an underpinning pricing agreed with a TV network.
“Agencies will make every effort to secure pricing reflective of current demand dynamics as well as overlaying potential audience movements in the future; that’s the reality.”
He’s also seeing increased demand for the best, reach-driving programs, or the most efficient areas of a program format. Poorly priced or under- performing programs will experience lower demand.
“A consequence of this is the growing need to trade short-term rather than lock into cumbersome annual commitments where a lot can change across the TV market and for media owners,” says Corones.
“So, the trade-off becomes understanding your strategic imperatives (such as sponsorships, critical reach building programming or environ- ments) which generally require more long-term commitments, versus securing audience-based reach buys which require greater flexibility to pivot to where audiences are at any point in time.”
Marck Echo, Bohemia
“It is important for the networks to be both agile and relevant.” | April 2020 19

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