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 “The focus is now shifting away from media metrics, which are often disparate and not comparable, to direct attribution client-based outcomes. To maximise outcomes, the importance of platform-first creative ensures the user experience is at the heart.”
Corones also cautions against thinking digital versus broadcast.
“With consumers at the heart of a media owner’s eco-system it should mean, by default, seamless delivery of great content, talent and experiences across all touch points,” he says.
“Siloed thinking, such as online versus broadcast, truly inhibits a media owner from growing and thriving. Consumers don’t see the distinction, nor should media owners.
“Media companies need to focus on compelling content delivered easily and conveniently to any device, any time, any place.”
That starts with exclusive, engaging content.
“Without it, you can’t attract audiences,” he says. “So, there has to be continued, significant investment to ensure a viable, thriving business.
“Broadcasters need to focus on the user experience for BVOD, understand factors like ad load acceptability, get better at managing frequency and resist the temptation to recreate the linear ad experi- ence for BVOD viewers.
“Beyond content, it’s continuing to build data capabilities that allow agencies and clients to identify audiences across a media owner’s eco-sys- tem, but do it at scale.”
Xandr, a platform selling consumer-centric digital advertising, expects advertising budgets in Australia will, like the US, start to converge - TV and digital - as consumption patterns shift.
“Over the next 12 months, we expect media consumption will increas- ingly fragment across devices and formats, underlining the idea that the TV and digital video ecosystems could converge advertising planning, buying, measurement and attribution across screens,” says Samuel Tan, Xandr’s JAPAC senior director, market development.
“Having an industry currency that can be trusted, such as VOZ, could help to accelerate this convergence.
“I often say to some of my clients that their target audience doesn’t necessarily catch Ubers to rooftop bars to drink cocktails in mason jars, and then Instagram about it.”
Ben Willee, Spinach
“A defining feature of the local industry is the genuine collabora- tion we see between the major TV players which goes beyond measurement.
“We expect to see continuing efforts to reinforce the narrative that TV, whether it be linear or BVOD, is a far more effective option at building brands and delivering sales than social video platforms such as YouTube.
“As traditional TV viewership continues to decline, the industry will increasingly shift to addressa- ble TV and digital video to improve monetisation, extend reach and find difficult to reach audiences.
“The last piece is the potential development of innovative advertis- ing formats such as pause ads which can help drive greater consumer engagement while still respecting the content experience.”
Philippa Noilea-Tani, Wavemaker’s national head of investment, says the proven brand building prowess of television remains unrivalled no matter how you cut your ROI data.
“Television works and works incredibly well at that,” she says. “There are, of course, nuances by | April 2020 20

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