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category. However, there is no other paid media touchpoint that ranks so consistently high, in build- ing priming stage bias.”
One of the challenges is the cost of television advertising keeps rising.
“The market remains inflation- ary as advertiser demand remains,” says Noilea-Tani.
“Unlike print, where the down- ward trajectory of advertiser demand outpaced readership declines, demand for television remains strong, despite audience fragmentation and linear TV audi- ence declines.”
She says media investment strat- egies must continue to evolve.
“Change to the market will con- tinue and brands will be left behind if they don’t find an effec- tive way to adapt in the new world of television,” she says.
Agencies and marketers are now very aware that consumers watch what they want, when they want, where they want and on any device they choose.
And the industry itself has evolved.
“Australian broadcasters have banded together and the impact of
By Angus Ross,
director of programming, Seven
“Unlike print, where the downward trajectory of advertiser demand outpaced readership declines, demand for television remains strong, despite audience fragmentation and linear TV audience declines.”
Philippa Noilea-Tani, Wavemaker
        Since James Warburton has returned as CEO in August
last year, he’s been single-
minded about the direction of
our organisation. We want to transform our business and return to ratings leadership.
In 2020, we’ll continue the journey we’ve already started, focussed on content-led growth, transformation and reducing our debt.
Our content-led growth strategy seeks to deliver prime time audience growth and the audiences you want to reach. And all the while, we’re building on our strength in news and sport where we continue to dominate.
We’ve been frank about needing to revitalise our 7.30
pm programming and this year’s refreshed prime time line-
up – which launches in April in earnest - has nine tent pole shows targeting the 25-54s. Shows like Holey Moley, Big Brother, Plate of Origin, SAS, Farmer Wants a Wife and House Rules: High Stakes
will drive the audiences you are looking to reach.
This revitalised programming complements our strength
in news and sport. Sunrise is unrivalled, winning every single morning in 2019, and often winning every metro market along the way. It reaches a massive three million viewers nationally monthly, presenting a tremendous opportunity to reach key buying audiences at scale.
At 6pm, 7NEWS is steadfast in its leadership and in 2019, averaged over 940,000 metro viewers every night while growing its audience share.
We’re home to the number one winter and summer sports in the AFL and cricket respectively. In 2019, the AFL reached 15 million viewers across the country, with regular season audiences growing 3% year-on-year. Over summer Cricket reached 16 million viewers, with Test Cricket audiences growing by 12.5% year-on-year. Tokyo 2020, in July and August,
is forecast to be the biggest broadcast and digital event in Australian history, reaching up to 21 million viewers on broadcast and five million on digital.

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