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 Victor Corones, managing director, MAGNAGLOBAL
their collaboration and the work from ThinkTV can’t be underval- ued,” she says. “Gone are the days of House Rules and The Block bat- tling it out each night for ratings glory, and never before has the importance of premium, brand safe, viewable content been com- municated so consistently across the industry.”
The ability for brands to tell their stories on the big screen is more accessible than ever before.
“The launch of addressable tel- evision has paved the way for brands that could never before afford sufficient weights on TV,” she says.
“By leveraging the rapid growth of connected TVs in Australian households, we can reduce wastage and enhance targeting, to stretch marketing budgets further.
“Imagine a high-end luxury retailer, with the most beautifully produced, high-quality video assets coming down the pipeline, that due to budget pressures, can only find a home on a small screen as a six-second bumper.
“Addressable TV comes along and suddenly it’s possible to place that beautiful brand message on the big screen, only in postcodes that over-index against the core tar- get segment (e.g. Vaucluse, Toorak) for a fraction of the cost, rather than needing to invest in the entire market of Sydney or Melbourne.
“The increase in online audi- ences can’t be ignored and will remain a key growth driver, so it’s fantastic to see the BVOD section integrated seamlessly within the new MFA Television Foundations course, ensuring emerging talent in the industry have strong foundation TV planning and buying knowledge that spans across devices.”
Addressable TV
Finecast is 100% focused on the development of addressable TV in Australia. This is delivering ads to finely defined groups of people via apps and TV catch-up services operated by the main players: Seven, Nine, 10, SBS and Foxtel.
“It helps new advertisers come into TV who wouldn’t have had to budget for it,” says Brett Poole, Finecast’s local managing director. We’ve been in the market for our
    Our content-led growth strategy extends to our BVOD offer too, where we aim to grow share, enhance our proposition for both the platform itself and its content – and drive greater consumer adoption. 7plus is key to these plans, and in featuring our refreshed prime time programming will reach viewers on whatever device they choose, whenever they choose.
Tokyo 2020 will shine on 7plus, where over 40 live streams will drive engagement and offer an Olympics experience beyond any other in Australian history. 7NEWS and Sunrise on 7plus will ensure viewers receive the news and current affairs they trust.
The launch of VOZ will for the
first time measure the power of
TV across all screens, breaking
the overnight ratings cycle by holistically measuring BVOD and broadcast TV audiences. Early data shows significant uplift in key audiences, with additional reach of around 20%, reflecting the power and importance of 7plus and BVOD to TV’s future.
VOZ data will be reliable and show the true upside of TV.
This is a big year for Seven. With our prime time programming, Tokyo 2020, and dominant News, Public Affairs and Sports, we intend to return to leadership – and in delivering the key audiences want to reach across broadcast and 7plus, demonstrate the power of Seven and our content. | April 2020 23

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