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                             All aboard the train of TV change
VOZ and convergence in a changing TV world. The tipping point of convergence is coming. Are agencies ready?
A smorgasbord
Online video has been around for a while now, but the shift from linear to a buffet of consumption habits including linear, subscription TV, BVOD, connected TV and more has recently hit a cracking pace.
What’s Australia doing?
Our broadcasters are looking to keep pace with this change by cre- ating a buying platform. Virtual Australia (VOZ), the new national “Total TV” reporting standard, will also change the buying landscape.
The ripple effect
Australia’s broadcasters are tackling audience fragmentation, creating a way to combine broadcast viewing on linear TV sets and connected devices. The aim is to get closer to providing all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting.
When it comes to agencies, the data viewed and analysed to plan, implement and evaluate is chang- ing. While VOZ should be a great ingredient, it’s only one ingredient in the recipe for a better approach to the new TV world.
Teams and mindsets need to change to stay ahead of the game, including ensuring agencies have the right talent and automation for a converged world.
Talent will need to understand TV across all formats first and fore- most. Alongside this, agencies will have to build new capabilities from scratch or evolve existing teams to understand how different technol- ogy platforms interact and can deliver better client results.
“While VOZ
should be a great ingredient, it’s only one ingredient in the recipe for a better approach to the new TV world.”
The right technology will be able to create solutions using a com- bination of viewership, identity and exposure data across all channels. It will also have to provide auto- mated features not only for auc- tion-based buying but for how TV trades - which is a different world.
Amobee’s advanced TV plat- form, rated a market leader in cross channel video by Forrester, is built for convergence. It provides advertisers with the technology, talent & data needed to plan, buy and measure cross channel TV in one self serve platform.
Converging teams
Team convergence is inevitable, but not cookie-cutter. Some media shops will converge at a strategy and exe- cution level, while others will com- bine strategy with execution special- ists. It’s not a matter of chucking everything out and starting again.
If executed properly, converged planning and campaign manage- ment will help the industry:
• Extend reach to digital from TV buys by analysing TV data to determine who has seen a brand’s commercials. More importantly, future buys will then be able to target unex- posed audiences with multi- channel campaigns;
• Manage frequency across all channels by determining where campaigns overlap across linear TV, BVOD, CTV, OTT, desktop and mobile video; and
• Identify and target viewers of competitor’s ads, to maintain awareness, defend mindshare and increase market impact.
Convergence isn’t a silver bullet for cross-platform planning and execution. That said, it’s critical for agencies to re-invent teams, invest in the right technology, free up trading desks to work on more strategic tasks and finally get a clearer view of the frag- menting world of TV.
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