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Better Workplaces
Mental health, long hours and short tenures are just of the issues synonymous with the advertising industry. In Better Workplaces, AdNews takes a look at the ways in which agencies are changing this through company culture, HR initiatives and office design.
Much like its purpose as a business, Facebook’s Australian offices are centred around building a community. From a sustainable set-up to an endless list of perks, the business has made sure culture and connection remains at the heart of everything they do.
AdNews caught up with the social media giant to take a look inside a likeable workspace and admire its Sydney Harbour vistas at bustling Barangaroo.
Uniquely Australian
Facebook’s Sydney and Melbourne office spaces are uniquely Australian, while carrying through Facebook’s start-up ethos and core values-based culture. As cities, Sydney and
Melbourne both offer unique social experiences. The abundance of coast, parks and street culture coupled with great weather give Australia its unique outdoor lifestyle and social culture. The
design concept for the offices was to celebrate Australia’s many social spaces to create an experience unique to Facebook Australia.
Three critical factors were focused on in the the design: flexibility, diversity and fun. The open plan layout max- imises views and access to natural daylight. Adjustable workstations support various working styles. Functionally, the space is designed to encourage interaction and collab- oration through a variety of circulation and breakout zones. Lounges accommodate socialisation and client meetings. Vibrant colours bring the local culture to life.
The office design needed to flexibly accommodate space for future growth for a diverse range of teams and also had to help attract and retain talent.

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